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Research. Target. Educate.


A workflow management software company that specializes in CPA and Accounting productivity systems wanted to expand their offering to accounting, tax and finance departments within larger companies. Our objective was to increase brand recognition and build reputability in the enterprise market.

Buyer Insights

Building buyer insights and Ideal Buyer Personas within the target segment is the foundation of our process. Understanding how potential decision makers receive information and make purchasing decisions before developing the campaign messaging was crucial. We also wanted to understand the decision-making hierarchy within the corporate finance structure.

Strategic Planning

We developed several messages that targeted different decision makers and influencers within the company and tested them in the market. The most successful were then utilized to create multi-touch marketing campaigns utilizing several different tactics. Our strategy included communicataion, content and creative strategies, list research and procurement.

Communication Design

Armed with buyer insights and personas, we created core messaging across different outreach methods. Impactful and efficient communication was our in goal ensuring we left the individuals with a lasting, positive impression of the brand. Our communications included progressive email streams, micro-sites with data collection, content development and a LinkedIn content release schedule.


We implemented a demand generation and brand awareness campaign over 12 months. We managed the process, schedules, and vendors to ensure a seamless, successful campaign.


We increased awareness within our targeted groups with direct exposure to over 25,000 contacts within 12 months.

Marketing tools: Demand Gen, communication, content and creative strategies, list research and procurement. Communication Design includes email stream, landing pages with data colletcion, and content creation.

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